Parking Garage Lighting Retrofit Programs



Auto Dealership Lighting Program, Indoor and Outdoor Lighting


When working with parking garages, it takes an experienced energy management company to provide the best technology with the highest possible savings. Wagner Energy Management is such a company. Our experience with parking garages has given us the knowledge needed to provide the best turnkey plan for your situation.


Our clients include :

  • City of Louisville Parking Garages
  • Norton Hospital
  • Central State Hospital
  • City of Evansville Parking Garages
  • Hardin Memorial Hospital, Elizabethtown, KY


Please contact the Wagner Energy Management Team today to discuss your options. You can reach us at (502) 267-8384, ext 142 or e-mail us at

Click below on the Case Studies for the two-story parking garage in Cleveland, OH and the City of Louisville Parking Garages.


Case Study, Auto Dealership Lighting Program


Case Study, Auto Dealership Lighting Program



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